Cover To Cover

Now that I’m finished sharing my story, I thought I’d start a little project I’ll be calling Cover To Cover. Actually, it’s not that little. It’s quite a mammoth task that will likely take a few years to complete. But it’s a task I’m most keen to take on! I’m going to blog my way through the Bible. Yes, the whole book. Hence…’cover to cover’

Why blog through the Bible?

Well, why not? People blog about what they’re most passionate about. For me, that’s God’s Word. I love the Bible, it’s my all time favourite book. I simply can’t live without it!

The idea came to me in 2011 after I read through the whole Bible during Lent. I’d first started the practice of observing Lent in 2004, and it usually involved some kind of food fast (like giving up meat or sweets) during the 6 weeks. But that year I thought to try something different as we had extended family visiting from overseas (I didn’t think it would be polite to be doing a food related Lent focus given the amount of socialising around meals that would be going on during that time).

I’d always planned on read through the entire Bible at some stage, it seemed a good time to try it. 46 days.  Yup, it was doable…especially if I also gave up other unnecessary and time consuming activities.

So I put aside all my other leisure reading, turned off the TV, logged out of all my social media, and began. I finished the whole Bible in exactly 40 days :)

–         –         –         –         –

I chose The Message version because 1) I’d never read that version before, and 2) it had no verse numbers so would probably flow better for a cover to cover read-thru.

I was already familiar with many of the stories and passages, but I was completely unprepared for what I began to see and feel over those 6 weeks. It was like the pieces of a puzzle coming together, bit by bit, until at last I stepped back and  saw the full picture.

It was overwhelming. It was incredible. It was thrilling!!

I would literally feel my heart rapidly beating with excitement as I’d pick up my Bible to read. You know that feeling when you’re about to see someone you’re excited to see…and the anticipation is making your body feel all sorts of wonderful, crazy, butterfly feelings? Yeah that feeling. Every single time.

I couldn’t put it down. Every spare moment I had, I was reading my Bible.

And the sections I’d previously found boring and a struggle to get through (Leviticus anyone?!), well I can’t quite explain what or how it happened, but as I read, they actually started making sense…and I was eager to read more and more.

It was one of my most favourite Lent Seasons ever…I became obsessed with the Word of God.

I’d had bursts of that feeling before (that stir of excitement in my spirit) when reading my Bible in the past, but during that Lent it just seemed even more intense than usual.

I also cried a lot!

Happy tears when reading stories showcasing the miraculous wonders God performed for His people.

Angry and sad tears at the brokenness of mankind in some of the stories. The ache in my heart was at times almost tangible.

Repentant tears…as I saw my own life mirrored in the lives of the children of Israel, and realised that the words spoken by the Prophets (both the reprimands and the words of hope) were not just for those who lived thousands of years ago, but they were so very relevant to me, and my life, here in the now.

I had no idea how amazing the Scriptures were. And even now, after several more read throughs, I still haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the incredible gems contained within the pages of this most precious book.

The more I read, the more I wanted to read…and keep reading.

Then one day, the idea to try blogging my way through The Bible dropped into my mind…and like a dog with a bone I couldn’t let it go. In the end I knew it was the only direction I could take with my blog. For this is what I’m most passionate about, God’s Word.

Anyway, it was during that time that an idea dropped into my mind. I toyed with it for a while, for about a year or so…and then finally decided that YES, I would do it. I would blog my way through the Bible.

So starting in February, I’ll begin in the book of Genesis. Oooh I can’t wait!!! :) *happysigh*

How am I planning to do it?

initially thought I’d try a Chronological. But I find it easier to read through a book at a time, and decided that I would write the way I read.

hat do you hope to achieve at the end of all this?

mm, well personally I love a good challenge, and blogging through the Bible will indeed be that!

ut this is also something I truly believe in. I believe God is real. I have accepted His Word as the only Truth for my life. My faith is a very personal relationship with God, not religion.

so long to see others who don’t personally know God come to know Him too. Deeply. Intimately.

My hope is that in sharing my reflections as I journey through the Bible, you will be drawn to God and want to find out for yourself who He is, and what you will do about Him.

My prayer is that as you read my posts, you will start to see the bigger picture. That the pieces of each story, each segment of the Bible, and even your own life story, will combine together in a beautiful picture…one that will finally make everything in your life make sense.

Your Word Will Be The Last Word (Tommy Walker)