Meet The Fam

Introducing the six people dearest to my heart…


Crush (Husband) I’ll tell you about his nickname in a moment (it links in with the story of my son’s nickname). I’ve now spent more than half my life with this man, which is such a wonderful thing to be able to say *happysigh* We’re such extreme opposites in many ways – but we compliment each other so well, and he’s truly my bestest friend in the whole world!

Nosh (Eldest Daughter) Her nickname was bestowed upon her as a newborn. The Yiddish word (I’m Jewish by birth) for a snack is “nosh”. When she was a few weeks old, my mum came to visit and meet her new grandchild, and each time she needed a feed, mum would say “looks like she’s ready for another nosh” or something along those lines. Crush kept hearing this word nosh all the time and when he discovered what it meant, he thought it was so cute. He started calling her Nosh, and the name stuck. She doesn’t like it when we use it in public…but it’s hard to break years of habit. I have to consciously remember to use her real name when her friends are around ;)

Squirt (Only Son) This nickname came about when he was around 3. His pregnancy nickname was “Bump”, which kind of stuck for a few months after birth til one of his uncles dubbed him “Chubbs” on account of his very chubby and oh so scrumptious cheeks. But around the age of 3, he announced that he would no longer be answering to the name Chubbs!! He was very insistent. So, we complied, and tried to remember to only use his real name. His favourite movie at the time was Finding Nemo. I lost track of how many times he watched it…over and over and over *sigh* Anyway, so he and his dad used to do that father-son turtle scene whenever Crush came home from work…or when they’d get up in the morning…or anytime really. Any excuse they could find to Hi-5 each other and ‘knock noggins’, they did *lol* So we started calling them Crush and Squirt. He was much happier with that nickname.

Peppy (Middle Child) When I was pregnant with her, Nosh (who was 3 at the time), started calling her unborn sibling “Peppy-Bel”. We knew we were having a girl, but we chose not to tell people. If they asked if we knew the gender we’d just say “it’s a secret, you’ll find out when the baby is born”. The interesting thing is, although Nosh knew all along she was having a sister, she also didn’t tell. I didn’t specifically ask her not to tell, but I guess she heard me tell others it was a secret, so she also kept it a secret. I only found that out after Peppy was born and a few friends commented that they’d tried to get the information out of Nosh and she refused to tell, saying “it’s a secret, I can’t tell you”. I was rather impressed when I found this out! Anyway, I digress….back to Peppy. Nowadays she’s rarely called Peppy. It was really only a pregnancy nickname (she has other nicknames we use now), but since Peppy was what I used when I first blogged about her during pregnancy, I kept it as her blog name even after her birth.

Minda (Functional Lastborn) She’s not the youngest, but this girl is definitely a functional lastborn. She has such an energetic, passionate, and warm personality. When I was pregnant with her I was convinced (even though we chose not to find out at the scan) she was a boy. We didn’t have a girl name picked out, and I only had boy clothes in my hospital bag (Crush had to go out and buy a pink onesie and wrap for her hospital photos since all the baby girl clothes were still packed away *lol*). Anyway, when she arrived (there’s an incredible story surrounding her birth which I will share another time) and her siblings came to visit her at the hospital, Peppy (2 at the time) gazed down at her baby sister and said “Aww, Hi Minda”. And from then on (in spite of all our efforts to try and teach her how to pronounce her new sister’s real name), she insisted on calling her “Minda”. So…Minda she (unofficially) became ;)

Fidge (The Actual Lastborn) She was named Fidget on account of her being the earliest kicker/wriggler of all my babies. Perhaps after that many pregnancies, I was just super sensitive or something, but those flutters seemed to begin almost as soon as the stick showed a positive result. Fidget eventually got shortened to ‘Fidge’. Now we mostly use another nickname for her, but Fidge was the name when I first introduced her on my blog…so I’ll stick with that.

So there you go, now you’ve met my little family :)

I love my children sooooo much!! Even after a decade and a half of parenting, it’s still so surreal to think that I am their mother.

I love how different they all are. There’s such a fascinating mix of physical and personality traits they’ve inherited from myself, Crush, and other members of our extended family. From the extrovert to the introvert, from the quiet and gentle, to the hurricane-like personality…each has been uniquely and wonderfully made by God.

But most of all, I love that I get to partner with my best friend in caring for these five precious lives entrusted into our care. It’s a joy and privilege that I don’t take for granted.


“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” (Psalm 127:4)



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**PS If you’re curious about the topic of birth order, check out what Dr Kevin Leman has written about it.

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