– – the girl

Online I use the name Maff (my nickname), or Mai Shami (a title that means ‘Mother Of Shami’).

Both are names I’m also called offline, so technically they are my names…just not the names on my birth certificate ;)

So, what can I tell you about myself?

Here’s the short version – I’m a wife, a mother of five, and a High School Teacher. The long version? You can find that out yourself by clicking on the links.

The most important thing I wish to tell you about myself however, is that I am a Christian. And by that I don’t just mean I habitually go to Church every Sunday. I mean that I actually have a real and thriving relationship with my Creator.

I know God is real. I see and feel His tangible presence in my life.

He has pursued me, rescued me, carried me, loved me. And as I look back on how He has been there in my past, and as I hold on to the certainty of His ongoing presence in my future…I am secure.

Secure in the knowledge of both who I am, and whose I am.


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